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Optional Competitions

Optional Competitions have no bearing on the main pageant results.    It allows you to add additional fun to your pageant experience and have a chance to earn more awards.


Become a Shining Star!  

Earn a Small Trophy by entering 3 Optional Events

Earn a Large Trophy by entering 6 Optional Events 


Outfit of Choice

Outfit of your choosing.  It should be age-appropriate.   This should be a casual outfit you would have in your closet.   It can be anything from sporty to dressy (no swimwear/no gowns).  You will runway model it to music that is provided.  No stunts allowed (for example- cartwheel, backflips, high kicks, and similar moves).  Entries allowed: 2


Theme Wear
This Year's Theme: Blue

Each year the pageant will pick up a specific Theme for this category.  Model an outfit that incorporates the chosen theme. It can be custom made or off the rack.   Music will be provided.  No stunts allowed (example- cartwheel, backflips, high kicks, or similar moves).   Entries allowed: 2


A speech answering the question "What does the phrase "That was so much Fun" mean to you?.  You will be allowed to have your speech, however, it would be best to have it memorized.  Attire is the same as an interview.  Time limit: 2 minutes. Entries allowed: 1



Production outfit will be worn.  Perform a family-friendly monologue as if you are auditioning for a part OR create a commercial for a generic product.  No props allowed.  Time limit:  1 minute.  Entries allowed: 2

Star Model

You will model at your own mini photoshoot.    You will receive a digital copy of the photos.  Entries allowed: 1


Any size up to 8x10.   Black & White or Color.   Entries allowed: 4


Me & My Pet Photogenic

 A picture of you with your pet.  You should be the only person in the photo.  Any size up to 8x10.   Black & White or Color. Entries allowed: 4


Snapshot Paparazzi

Take a picture of something that is part of your life that brings you joy  (Examples: Nature, work, family, home décor, cooking).  These are pictures YOU have taken with your phone or camera.   You must have a photo release for any persons included in the photo.   Size should be no larger than 4x6  Entries allowed: 4



Write up to a 1 standard page (8 1/2 x 11) original essay on the topic of “What does Fun mean to you?”.  Entries allowed: 1  Essay will have to be turned in via e-mail prior to pageant.

People's Choice 

You have the opportunity for family and friends to vote for you.   Once you reach 20 votes, you are eligible for the People's Choice Award.   This is special optional and does not count toward the Shining Star Award.   Details will be included in your informational packet.

Specific details about requirements for each optional will be included in your welcome packet.

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