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Required Competitions

Introduction (25%)

Introduce yourself to everyone with your name, hometown, charity of choice, plus your ambition or an interesting fact about yourself.

Time limit 1 minute.

Support Groups

Panel Interview (20%)

Attire:  Production Outfit


This will be a shorter panel type interview.

Formal Interview (25%)

Attire:  Dress for a job interview – dress, slacks/blouse,  professional attire (suits are allowed but not required).


You will interview 1 on 1 with each judge so they can get to know you.   No right or wrong answers.

Formal Wear (20%)

Attire: Formal Attire

Each contestant will model attire they would wear to a Formal Gala!  

See Rules for type/length requirements

Charity Contribution (10%)

All contestants are required to contribute $100 to the charity fund.  

The charity fund will be split 50% to the queen's charity of choice and 50% to the pageant's charity of choice.

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