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About Us

Celebrate Your Fun Side!
Enhance your life skills through the fun of pageantry.

What exactly does that mean anyway?   

It means no matter your age, you can learn or enhance skills you will use for a lifetime through a fun pageant. 

We welcome contestants from ages 6-7 in our training pageant and 8 through 99 otherwise.

How does Miss Dynamic USA do this?

We help build up confidence in public speaking by having our Introduction.  Public speaking is difficult for most people which gets easier the more you practice.

We build up interview skills as each contestant will have a one on one interview with each of the judges.  Everyone has to do interviews throughout life, so this is a wonderful way to enhance those skills.


We bring out more of the giving heart everyone has by allowing each contestant to share a charity they care about.   Every contestant is required to raise $100 charitable contribution with a chance to donate 50% to their charity of choice should they win.

We help build up poise and dressing for the proper occasion by our Formal Wear competition.

We allow everyone's creative side to shine through our Optional events for those who want more.

Why a pageant?


The pageant journey has helped many people overcome difficulties in their life.   I saw how it built up so much confidence in those that needed a bit of a boost whether they won or not.    Even if there were no difficulties to overcome, many skills are learned that can be used beyond pageantry. Most of all it is something that adds some fun into your life and I wanted to share that excitement with others.

It is fun!  It is allowing your inner sparkle to shine in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere allowing you the opportunity to win a crown & sash that may open unexpected doors.

Pageant director talking on a microphone

About the Director

My pageant journey started when my daughter had a medical procedure that left her unable to continue in gymnastics and she wanted to enter a pageant.    She entered, had a great time even though she did not place!   I learned the life long benefits of positive pageantry.

I'm Becky Knol the Director and Founder of Miss Dynamic USA.   I wanted to help others find the same benefits and fun - for those just starting out in pageants as well as those who may have aged out of other pageant systems.   I also am the founder of Pageant Primer® online pageant education.

Some fun facts about me:  I enjoy Disney - Enchanted is my favorite movie and I love going to Disney World.    I am not a coffee drinker.   You will find me with a morning cup of tea instead unless I am at a coffee shop -- then I will order hot chocolate no matter the time of year.

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