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Frequently Asked Questions

Please look through these FAQ to see if any question you have may already be addressed.   If you still have questions after reading them, please feel free to send us an  e-mail.

Is Previous Pageant Experience Needed?

No pageant experience necessary.   We have a special pageant Novice Miss Dynamic USA  for those who have never competed before.

Is there a swim wear/fitness portion?

No, there is no swim wear/fitness wear competition.

Is make-up allowed?  Flippers (fake teeth)?  Hair pieces?

We do allow make-up depending on your division.  Our younger contestants are only allowed simple make-up so they are not washed out on stage.   Older contestants are allowed make-up.  Flippers/Hair pieces are NOT allowed in any age category (hair extensions are an exception if they are permanent/semi-permanent & would be typically worn beyond the pageant)   All make-up should be done age appropriately as we want to see the real YOU.   Our pageant leans more on the conservative side.

I have braces/glasses/plus sized,  can I still win?

Of course!   We aren't looking for any specific "look" or type.   We are looking for someone who is confident, personable, poised and genuine.

What events are required?

Our Queen's are decided by the highest combined score of  Panel Interview, Formal Interview,  Introduction, and Charitable Contribution.   No other event determines the Queen.   All other events are optional with a separate charge.  It is your choice which ones you would like to enter.

Do I have to live in Illinois to compete?

No, if you are willing to travel then you can compete!

What type of clothing do I need?

You will need the production outfit which is Miss Dynamic USA t-shirt, denim bottoms & clean gym shoes, business attire for Interview, and an outfit for  Formal Attire.    You will also need any other outfits for the optional events you choose to enter.   Specifics will be in your welcome packet.

How many girls in my division?

Numbers for each division will not be given.  There will be no more than 60 girls in a division.

Am I required to sell tickets and/or advertising?

No, ticket sales and advertising are optional.   We do have special awards that can be earned for ticket sales and advertising.

How do I enter?

You can enter on-line or by requesting a mail-in entry form & returning with payment.   Every contestant who enters agrees to sign and abide by the rules and regulations contract.  You will not officially be entered until the rules & regulations are signed.

Can I enter the day of the pageant at the door?

At this time, we can not accept enteries at the door.   Please contact our office for more information.

Does my family need a ticket to watch?

Yes, everyone who is 3 and older will need a ticket to watch all aspects of the pageant.   You will receive 2 with your entry.   You may purchase more before the pageant at a discounted price or at the door.

Am I required to do personal appearances?

No, personal appearances are not required, however, they do enhance your experience as a titleholder.

If I become royalty, can I compete in other pageants?

You can compete in any other pageant as long as it doesn't interfere with the following year's Miss Dynamic USA, which titleholders are required to attend. You also must check the other pageant's rules carefully as they may have restrictions on being a titleholder in another pageant. 

When does my reign end?

State Titleholders' reign ends when you crown your successor or if no successor at the conclusion of the following year's state pageant.  National Titleholders' reign will end when you crown your successor or at the conclusion of the following year's National pageant.

If I am Titleholder, may I compete again?

Teen and younger divisions National title holders may compete again the year after their reign as long as you have moved to a new age division.  If you are in Miss or above, you may compete again two years after you reign if in the same age division or 1 year if you are in a new age division.

Due to the nature of the NOVICE pageant,  you may only compete in the NOVICE pageant once.  NOVICE Titleholders will receive a free entry the year after their reign has ended for the appropriate age division in Miss Dynamic USA.


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