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Competition Divisions

Your division* is based on your age as of January 1 (competition year).

6-7 Mini**

8-9 Little

10-12 Young

13-15 Junior

16-18 Teen

19-24 Miss

25-34 Elite

35-49 Elegant

50-99 Classy

* Directors reserve the right to combine or divide age divisions based on entries.  No more than 2 age divisions will be combined.
**Minis do not compete but are still required to meet all Eligibility Requirements and follow all rules.
Eligibility Requirements
All Contestants
  • All contestants Mini through Teen must have their Parent/Guardian consent before entering Miss Dynamic USA.  For security purposes, we will not engage in correspondence or inquiries from a minor.
  • Will compete in the correct age division determined by age on Jan. 1 of the competition year.  There are no age fall-backs or bump-ups.
  • Must be a US Citizen or US National
  • Must be a naturally born female and continue to identify as female
  • Must not have any criminal record, felony, or any convictions (excluding minor traffic violations)
  • Must be a resident of the state/territory you are representing.  Military base residents can choose to represent either their base state//territory or their home state/territory.  You can only compete in one state pageant per year.
  • Must not use or consume any illegal controlled substance.  Must not abuse alcohol or dangerous substances.
  • Will be required to pay all fees in full before being eligible to compete.  All fees are non-refundable.
  • All pageant contestants give consent and permission for Miss Dynamic USA and its affiliates to photograph, televise, record, or video the pageant media, use any portion or all of the competition without compensation for eternity for any pageant and related promotions as they see fit.
  • Must not previously or currently, and will not during her reign or ever use her title in conjunction with, pose for any provocative photography, video, or film or any associated with full or partial nudity. The contestant is not and has never been associated with or employed in any adult-content centered businesses including pornography, prostitution, or any business that involves partial or complete nudity. 
  • All contestants will be required to purchase a predetermined pageant t-shirt as part of the production outfit
  • Will read and understand the full rules before entering.  If the rules are not followed, understands they may be disqualified or required to give up their title and no refunds will be given.
  • Will be required to sign a contract if a title is won and will require proof of the winner's social security number for tax purposes for any prize winnings $600 or more.
Novice Miss Dynamic USA contestants
  •  certify this is their first time competing in a  pageant excluding photo pageants at any age and any pageant age 3 & under.
Mini through Teen divisions
  • All contestants will need to obtain Parental/Guardian consent and permission before applying to Novice Miss Dynamic USA/Miss Dynamic USA. For security purposes, we will NOT entertain correspondence or inquiries from minors.
  • Parent(s) or guardian will read and understand the full rules before allowing their child to enter.   Parents understand that if the rules are not followed their child may be disqualified and/or required to relinquish their title.
  • Must have a parent/guardian available throughout the competition.
  • Must be single and never married.
  • Must not be pregnant or have children (natural or adopted).
Miss through Classy divisions
  • May be of any marital status.
  • May have children
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